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Many of our customers find it useful to engage the services of RSG to inspect shipments before they are tendered for transportation.

Our customers may have concerns regarding a shipment for a number of reasons and fear that they may be �picking up a loss or damage claim� when they sign the bill of lading and take possession of the shipment for transportation.

RSG has experienced field investigators throughout the United States and Canada who can arrange an appointment with the shipper to address your concerns. We will examine the product to be sure that it is properly described on the bill of lading in accordance with the National Motor Freight Classification. We will count the freight to be certain that the number of pieces shown on the bill of lading is correct and will check the weight of the shipment if the shipper has a scale that we can use for that purpose.

We will also examine the packaging to be certain that it is adequate to the needs of the product and is compliant with the standards published in the National Motor Freight Classification. We will ensure that the packages are properly sealed, unitized, and bear the necessary cautionary and directional markings.

Finally, we will determine if the shipment requires special handling or contains flammable, hazardous or dangerous substances.

We will send our findings and the digital photographs to you by e-mail within 24 hours of the inspection of the shipment and offer our recommendations regarding the degree of risk in taking the shipment on line.

Should you be concerned about accepting a shipment that is being tendered to you for transportation we invite you to call RSG toll-free 24/7/365 at 702.400.3196 so that we can protect your interest in the field.


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