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Over the years shippers have begun to demand a proof of delivery on an ever increasing basis.  Sometimes the requests are warranted, such as when the shipper wants to be certain that their product has reached their customer.  Or when there is a legitimate dispute about whether the shipment was delivered and when delivery was affected.

However, since the financial downturn some shippers have begun to routinely request a proof of delivery (POD) for virtually every shipment.  If a carrier is unable to furnish a POD they will often file a claim for the value of the shipment to include the prepaid freight charges.  If the carrier is unable to produce a signed delivery receipt the matter may become a significant expense even if the shipment was indeed delivered.

RSG can help you to prove delivery of a shipment even if you are unable to produce a signed delivery receipt.  We are all well aware that some drivers do not get signatures or get bills signed, and they sometimes fail to obtain copies or fail to turn them in to their companies.   In almost every instance the freight has been delivered, usually on time and in good order, but the carrier�s paperwork has been lost or cannot be located.

We can visit the consignee and ask if a copy of the signed delivery receipt can be made available to us.  We can check their receiving records, their inventory cards, and determine if they reordered the �undelivered� products.  We have been very successful in demonstrating that shipments have been delivered and in providing our customers with the necessary documentation to prove delivery and enabling them to dispose of unwarranted cargo claims.

When you are next faced with a claim for non-delivery that you are unable to defend please contact us so that we can investigate the matter in the field and protect your interests to the best of our ability.


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