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Good packaging is critical to the safe transport of shipments. We have all seen examples of damage to cargo which has been directly caused by the inadequacy of the packaging. RSG can determine if packaging is adequate to protect the cargo during transportation and, if not, can offer reasonable and economical suggestions for improvement to the mutual benefit of shippers, carriers and customers.

RSG can help if you are faced with a significant damage claims or repetitive damage claims that you suspect have been solely and proximately caused by poor packaging. We can examine a specific shipment while it is in transit or we can arrange to visit the shipper to discuss the problem. We will carefully examine the outer shipping container and the inner packing materials and devices. Photographs will be taken at each stage of the unpacking of the product to memorialize our findings. Corrugated fiberboard shipping boxes will be measured and weighed to determine whether the specifications of the box makers certificate (BMC) have been met. If the packages have been unitized we will also determine if the units are soundly secured and safe for loading into and removal from trucks, trailers and sea containers.

The data gathered on site, together with the digital photographs, will be analyzed by our resident packaging and classification expert who has more than forty years of experience. A formal report will be issued describing the packaging and its adequacy, as well as compliance with the provisions of the National Motor Freight Classification* (NMFC). If improvements are deemed necessary so that the packaging at least meets minimum established standards they will be offered in our report. Shippers are usually cooperative with the process and appreciative of our efforts to ensure the safety of their products and the satisfaction of their customers that will receive those products in good order.

If you believe that a professional evaluation of the packaging of a shipment would be useful to you or your shipper we encourage you to call RSG at 702.400.3196 so that we can assist you in successfully resolving the matter. You will find that our fees are nominal and that our pro-active approach projects your company as caring and professional.

* Your company must be a member of the National Classification Committee in order to formally invoke the terms and conditions of the NMFC, which have the effect of law. Your Traffic Manager can advise you if your company is a member of the Committee. Nonetheless, the NMFC is the only publication memorializing accepted standards for the classification and packaging of cargo and invoking those standards is seldom challenged by shippers or other members of the shipping community.


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