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Avalon Risk Management, Inc.

We get hounded by survey companies ALL THE TIME!  The difference is you actually back up your services by doing a GREAT JOB!.

Debbie Losik - Avalon Risk Management, Inc


Landstar Transportation

Your RSG crew did an awesome job! I sent the attached report to Crawford Insurance Adjusters who covered the accident and told them they could learn from you guys because their report said the cargo was a total loss.

John O'Dell - Director of Claims


Roanoke Trade Services

Hi Cyndee,

I have been very happy with their inspector and reports for many, many years. If you want a thorough written report, RSG provides a very good report. They have packaging experts we have used several times with very good results.

To make sure I get what I want from the inspector, I do give specific instructions on exactly what I'm looking for and I always get the details I'm looking for. RSG will even call while the inspector is at the site. They will ask questions for me and dig harder to get more information from the party involved.

I can't say enough about how happy I am with their response time and they will do whatever it takes to satisfy us.

I would recommend them to our other offices that handle claims as well.

Virginia Wolfe, Senior Claims Adjuster


Universal Truckload Services, Inc.

This is a very well written, detailed and thorough report. Your inspector answered everything that I asked of him/her. Your company is always neutral.

This is why I use your company. I have tried other knock-off inspection companies and your company is in a league of their own. If the Olympics were passing out Olympic metals for inspection companies your company would get the GOLD.

The findings by your inspector will save our company $15,000.00 for this cargo claim.


Robert (Bob) Johnson, Director of Claims


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